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Jan 29, 2015|

Garland talks to Ben Mandell, author of Pilots on Food Stamps, about how major airline pilots are stuggling to survicve.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back. On a weekly basis sometime done daily. My office jet boats authors shipman votes and Al abuse show. And usually we just stack him up and goes through him we will try and make fusion group would do it shows on the India and had a big months ago one problem. In the sect that Republican that was. Book income moment for positive via title. Polyps on Wednesday. Was to be hired Lou the book. And remember looking and thought about us we humor book that was because on the and a couple of days ago global which says whenever I do Edward Cullen. Just like we're Gupta doing show last hour and student. Wouldn't you experienced it on the Internet from reading about something you'd see something that some melted connection. You fall where it pollutant producing your reading something totally different. Not occurred few nights ago. Reid in Nevada a famous movie producer and director. And it was. Taken played pro New York California. And in the applied. Short talking to. One of the workers there and in the Ohio news. Or is one called Stewart. And applied and that in jail in the mid change you'd been following and could shoot the meal on the play not import. And start talking to review found that incredulous and she's said we wanted to talk to the pile and says it sure. When they landed Bork commander introduced them pilots. And they said. Let me show you my pace so from this week and 405. Dollars. And he says that his joke and they said no we. We both have second jobs one was horrible there mailed them were too caught fish. And these are commercial airline plot. So went back to their book and it's at a pitcher this solution. A humor book. Churn up wary of the author bill Mandell. Author of pilots on food cent billion thanks for coming on the show I appreciate it. Wolf thank you are happening on that thank you are going back through this is not in a spot in the all the wounds that it is. And it's the those Golan. Well what. What you revert to its it's actually true unfortunately. Today one bird. I'll be commercial airline pilots at United States. Make out or Fy outlook bellows or less per year we've seen. 13 of the commercial airline pilots flying today. In the United States make one minute 35000. Dollars a year or left. I don't know boot driver Lewis scores hurry up and eat a little plot and more okay give give us an idea in your background. How Lloyd you're gonna lose how did you get into it. Why did you get into it and it and the more interesting question. Would you recommend. A trial during your child. Or somebody in your would become a. Okay let me I started out flying and 1988. At heart and mind might like but I would like. That over the years are up. Upgraded it two commercial license and started flying. The complaint today why does is chip should. A typical pat good mr. And about. Our home but we aren't told why for the year and this because I can't afford to take it. Obviously not work for 30000 dollars a year. Both the situation in which we're used to your child and they put fish. In ways that that it would be even understand. And although that's going to college next balls but we have to we've been looking these are things. We are committed to Kim we've moved in together. It went home to London and it. The job of opening as parents we look at you off how much is going to call me I'd get them revoked. Forty apology or secure but all whatever it is. And that app you're. I you know I spend that amount all ball on college what went on trial. Public they went by he would not want them particularly one that I've been shut up. Anyway to become a commercial airline pilots today it all so a quarter million dollars 250000. Dollars. And it tapes. And I asked. To order a quarter of million dollars in six to eight years of education. That is correct and that format. Corbett million dollars could be commended doctor for that right and that. Eight years but it will start with outline when he won I'll follow it year. How are they attracting plus oats. What we're not now that's a problem that is the economic. Oddly called up with the industry. And parents that have boot camp. And and the student sit at that you and realize that those numbers of people were. Anybody that would happen. Eight trot it out with a quarter million dollars and beat the body should be word and make more. The vehicle playing video games. At. And collecting. The interest on the trust they can help them actually going into becoming a. Are you don't go away police. And did we have a lot shows that during that. The people who listened often go. Over the talk about federal why did they choose that subject this blah guarantee of their lives you going. Kidding me. You've got to be kidding me. Piled on food stamps pilot kept for a quarter billion dollars in expenses 68 years of education. Starting at club in the twenty Goldman's. Pay wise and and worked in the way up to the thirty Baldwin's. Favorite I mean paying it's deal. I think. Anybody heading for the airport now this thank goodness I heard the brakes screech and Victor run on the Golan all of it right back. Dub dub dub a 178 amoral 53 at. Our agents had written your liberal America and little visual picture years ago I had a company in my own head offices. All over the world Europe Tuesday June Salzburg Austria. Europe on a regular basis. In them you'll comfortable line there's something about giving him a medal in my book. And and having somebody who don't know never met in their world we're O. Take your life in their hands. And would you go with the things called auctions it's just water water water water. And you keep thinking or these engines that work to these people know what they're doing. Minute rule it's wobbly opened up the cabin to war in Mexico holy Toledo look of the equipment. Can these people know these people must be rock shore these people must be really. These people must want to comment. And Ringo and I'd gone totally different subject. And I hit area famous movie director and writer producers. And he's done remotely and and part of it is don't. And within the movie who's. Got the drum major airlines the big way. That made 171000. Dollars last year. And for a four month period one problem was on foot sent his cope while it was good dog walker. So. You know a room Super Bowl combine this blow that. Pulled it out firm up it's all pilots on food stamps and more reports. Did must've been cut and Obama. Humorous novel but is Bob we have built there been men though with the bid for the people that missed it told me of my memory or rooted pulled it and quarter billion dollars to become Apollo. Six years. Education. To get there and what was reporters projects in the first year. Let's first hear your. Gross I will be around 1000 dollars a year. That's. It it didn't dangerous. Org are given and their blood people bent or brew good what they're due. Well now we're not that occurred and and that Whidbey Island that are flying you know they are. There are the pilot most or are very good at what they seated bigotry Rick restraining. Their. The licenses issued by the FAA so. As far as acting as pilots that are pretty much Marc make the airlines just so you know. About 87 per cent of the people that he'd in this career path. Don't make it or state they don't need to get what. That the 87%. Walk shell. Well we're dealing with the vote in part at the left that make that rule. And can you hold of one woman and a more to bring you more of our callers is that the eight. He is pile blows a public Craig are you aware of the. Yeah garner enough and do good deed. Well I am not a 1000 dollar a year job that's all they would. Metres and airlines and the corner or is it and get on top. Alt opt for the majors at all and dealt a united. UPS. And they don't like a remote. Yeah well people Carter low of eighteen. Year. And more can only operate the mob are excellent. And it is brutal that you are allergic on the military background or. You know he is built their hours and cursor bear and then Altria and on Sunday. And not really guarantee I mean united and my eyes out and Bank of America. It not a good career I have actually discouraged people are. My comment. I appreciate. Look unit. Quote by a captain Sully Sullenberger we go ultimately ended that June you know over. Doesn't want any of his kids should be pilots you to apocalypse you're completely demoralized. His day. Was cut imported percent. And his is injured little eliminated. Then. Yet that. Absolutely true US air went through the bankruptcy they cut all local they by 40% they currently and insult to the government. And the and the tensions that they were expecting to be close to six figures a year for Max Talbot 28000. Dollars a year. So at that point at his age at the age of most you don't have a chance. To make it out. Here's what happens with. The door that would be aligns. If I've been flying like works only one airline for twenty years I'm on twenty year it would that airline. I don't wanna go to so so or some other girl. You have to stop always know where the ball on the 21000 bottles a year. Right. Now. With the old boobs that. In an improvement in mean. We use today. Got polyps they're quote I'm sure that true. But oops on money says to me. And agrees. I'm who's been a quarter million dollars. Six to eight years old port port at Asian. In order distort make in 20000 dollars. Good again with all due respect in the bear. Me and I'll who're they're cracked and do it this. Well they. They don't even understand that this one is there a bit not a track and so now we aren't shortage in the pilot shortage started hitting. Last January a year ago. And fatal they can hire pilots to fly the planes now so now planes have been part and Ralph are being canceled. And what what's your reason for not paying what. I understand its profit motive. But that's a cut it short term profit in the. Well they've always been able to get away wit. But not paying new hires. A lot of money they've always had a sort in the past there were military and network. Just a lot of people out there and adjust. You don't want to do with it didn't cost as much as it does now so well as a surplus and they use an op pain for much. And in the old days you know 1520 years ago. Probably would come and they would fly or you know fourteen to eighteen palpable you're a couple of years and that may move on a great start making money and and in a short period and they were making six figures. That's not the way it is. If if a student store today. And what about six speakers was an airline. It's going to take you twenty years to get there. Oh aren't looking started 2015. You'll you'll start making six figures in 2035. If people want out. And if everything goes right in there and everything goes as it has people. Again take a break Coke renewed we're gonna come back with the been Mandell author a pilot's own food stamps. And I have book Coppola fought for the audience. Buses. Cars. Were being eased a bit up. The words they get about a book call pilots on food stamps so butch. When rappers saw it I thought it was humorous book and some former fashion didn't they marched to a then stumbled on a couple of stories were burned will move to one of them. Famous director writer. Whom producer is doing a movie deal and justice subject. And maybe the litigating. To pay what goes through. There on the industry and once they get their. Shortages and everything else. So we're back and were lucky enough to get the author and then they'll all the Rhode Island on food stamp. There if you don't mind unity dimmed and radio people. Listen in little waves they've become in and out they might have Miller's. Would you explain again what what the cost usually are a long did it true. To get to whom do you commercial pilot in here usually what company you run into you when you purge breaking news biz. Like so becoming commercial airline pilot today into outlook and it's being it will cost you a quarter million dollars. And six and a half to eight years of your time and trouble. To get that. If you get through that your hired by the year they will hate you starting today 21000. Hours. And induce that a burn remember regularly everybody dead rise to become a commercial pilot what was that about 13% of you make it. Write a paper cent make it does it 87%. Walk shell right. In the pilot training. System. And does the pay go to we've got let it confuse listeners went quite a bright and knew he says look. Next door neighbors index file we've Lejeune 700 though no home. A lone bright in the I am an X-Files and I could make more money cutting right with what she. Well I would slow it. And always used to work just be that it's a lot. And that he wore the cheap to set their acts. It would be in the opera house. Back in the olden days you know it. And what the property to get hired. Relatively easy back then because. One a lot of and it did take a while the airline actually oh so. Back 506070. That was going on. A look at the action and pilot may. You know. Under 200. Opt in multiple year wished pretty normal. A bigger though. Quite a bit more at night because that was the airlines. And then airline. I got it financial trouble back in. 2001 with a temporal and and the shortage. And they've went through a terrible time for the world. It took a walk and chew right side. The industry. What. Size and they start to make money at it bought. It back up. Two workers should be. And they kind of ignored shall we're dealing with at this point. 30%. Of the 4% of commercial airlines are very easily and all year it does have a six. And it it's very frustrating. So they were outward book. It looked at it and I just take one error one which Eric and the world airlines have. Sugary ones that you bailed me out of court. One it's called people airlines one he has a airlines. Beat the other one in a girl and debate if you haven't portable. It doesn't agreed to work because generally the plane. We'll have the Americans being able to US erred on the I don't. In an amber small letters on the door operated by yesterday operate on. On one. Now the situation that we re that. Already. Airlines which you get your core American went 0%. They have changed it would in the last ball from all the pilot at the. Of the 67%. The general aren't making metal called it. Minimum wage what she works her average page and have they do in their three years with the getting paid a really good so what's their huge wage. Mobile all our and global are not that it depends upon the airline and consult on when they went through bankruptcy and things like that. But there are no. Errol pilots would have been hired with that the last fifty years that are making India there's big money but everybody expects. It's our. Quick call one liberalism scary Oklahoma girls would have been. Garland bureau. Or show our I think you could you can for all of call for each year and we're not started the I was all the way at the amount of money that sure they're getting paid what twelve working belt and our. From my training crock pot and accorsi got were built an outward toward their commercial light. All but addressed a meeting at your question about why would any one. Faction which state that. It's needed to order all the Japan action. I think that the people that get involved and aviation. Action for radiation. And they will go through just like our would. Well spent a lot of money or. One school and training. And limit on Brit war for long on chew pursued air pressure. And and I understand that but. If you've is an artist. There is a good chance I'd have to become a dog walk or work in the call the but I get sleepy while I'm doing your portrait you England die. Would it have been more easily that you take its second job. Well I think it again just our profession you know you all so architecture for all. It is a seven year program you you can apprenticeship YouTube for four years. Really get into. I was exposed through my aviation experience are are polite and that's what blows the scores that. Professional pilot they don't make a pretty good once they're as Spence said watch your in the 1520 years you'll make it pretty good Levin. Yeah and yeah hours. Or four not that demanding and the work is not that. Urea and I'm Soria. Got to take a break which I could lose more then. Of remember what he says because mobile and overcome by Coca as about it. But Libya and I kind of add architects. Doctors Waterloo lecturer in surgery over me. I'm not worried about Gordon's lead. I'm not worried about you being angry. I'm not worried about you being abused by the bird people aren't you. But of Europe pilot. May be is because the symptoms it is about applying. I. Kinda had. Only. Yeah. Good thing good about bowed to tell those pilots on foods the author has been man though we have been with the South Bend. And so interest in this subject alive or dead to ask you how long were we get the book. Let me do that for a. Okay well well pilots on it and it's available anywhere that they don't blow. Though you can buy it online divide that your bookstore it's available both as an e-book for a printed copies. All right at eight Cabrera bid my memory serves me correctly pilot calls from home. Says look we do biz because it's a passion. Work card that's been years spend the money you know it is you know a very well paid but later on you do make good money and we love what we're doing. Is it is that correct and is that gonna keep. Well. The action part is correct. The part about being paid well stick with it used to be correct. And things have changed. Now the GOJ. Lo conduct this study. Last year but it released to the industry than anybody can look it up. And they basically concluded that I would say had been on the steady declines to dial. And in 2014. Public to pay less pilots were paid 2000. We are 1415 years later and the pilots in the last. Fifteen years later and they were making an out. Okay. From from what you're telling me I'm sure mine and tell me wrong. More flight cancellations. In our future a more overcrowded plea in our future. Blood in the end information you simply. You mentioned a up played 34 of seven Buffalo, New York rat. That's what I'm in pursuit and hip hip I think in the cockpit nice to you and I'm Lincoln. Who. You're making 30000. Dollars plots may be. At some point you make Goran food stamps. Other times your checks take home. Is less than pizza delivery. The airlines are telling you three sick days a year and that yet. How's he does that. Well let's talk about that flight or forums and that crashed on approach at buffalo. He door. He was flying from new work the buffalo. And that this was about 45 years ago when that happened. And it was a continental airline each. Flight that was operated by colgan here. And there are 5049. People on the plane. And it crashed into hell on approachable so everybody on the plane. And on course and couched. And that turned out to be a very very expensive. Air crash the insurance company because or walk well people on the plane. And one note I want to them at all. About a year after that that one of the rap from the insurance company went there and a there is comment to me was we were very surprised at how little the pilots were being paid. Now the first well sure airline pilot on flight Rebecca Shaw. Was 28 dollar and eight checks. So why that plane for the work of pop. And that's an important number because the insurance company. Rep told me we'd like it could've been avoided with a sixty dollar and tell. Oh and of course secure making twenty Albany Checchi is certainly kept order twenty dollar hotel. If if I'm crying hysterically when I probably put me on a plane with a Boyle played title. I I don't know but the and so on anything like the it. That what we got that much trouble with with the weather that the pilots. You know were had there and shall they they could've been distracted debate to go back in the cockpit voice recorders and they were complaining about help that they're as well. And you know I would love to dual Falwell on the suit in the future ringgit about been men tell all Peru pilots on food stamps. And you can get it anywhere they sell books and for a month on the among them that sometime so booked bin thank you again. Earlier in Jordan have a great day doubled up the. Mike thank you drew it do barrel boom or helping me get through dish room. And guerrillas action don't want to go way of you're current with trial gore and higher educated some weeks. Topped program mistaken terrible about 200 homes and children. Rio. Did meet the budget acts. And Hulu will have details. Come. On rob and oblivion there's some that have been conducting. Double of the obligated stubbornly immortal 53 at.